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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

What Makes a Hero?

F@*# the Olympics, kids. If it's heroes you're after, look no further than and . *

*( I took the liberty of bleeping Mr. Biggs use of profanity)

I saw this on Twitter a few days ago. It left me wondering, do people really think someone is a hero for being a homosexual? If this is the case, I think our society is grossly misunderstanding what a hero actually is. Since when is someone's sexuality a heroic trait, or worthy of national news for that matter? It is neither. I really don't need to know the sexual orientation of anyone besides my husband and my kids.

I have a cousin that is openly gay. Her coming out had no effect on me what so ever. I did not find her announcement heroic. In fact, I didn't really have much of a reaction at all. Now, when she made the announcement that she was joining the Army, I saw her as a hero. When I saw her at Christmas right before she was to be deployed to Afghanistan, I again saw a hero. I see my cousin as a whole. Her being a lesbian is just a small part of the woman she is.

When I think of a hero, I think of our soldiers, our police officers and firefighters. I think of the teacher that put herself in front of an armed gunman, or the passengers on board United Airlines flight 93 that tried to regain control of the plane on September 11th. I most certainly do not see a celebrity coming out as gay to be a hero.

So as far as Ms. Page and Mr. Sam are concerned, well frankly I don't think about them or their sexual preferences at all.

Friday, September 6, 2013

Behrends Errands

For the past two years or so, I have had an idea for an errand running business (Behrends Errands) that keeps coming back to me. I went so far as to take a class on business start ups, and then I kind of froze. I am good with the creative aspects of entrepreneurship, but when it comes to all the legal, marketing and accounting information, my brain seems to turn to mush. This is a huge problem for me since starting up a business requires all three of those skills. I have done the research on competition (which there is slim to none), whether I want an LLC, a corporation or sole proprietorship, and even have a rough business plan in place. I am also married to an accountant, who has assured me he could set up an accounting system that even I can understand. When I look at the whole picture, it seems very doable. I have read about similar businesses in other states that have taken off with little start up costs. And like I said earlier, there is not much competition in my area that would be offering all the services that I plan to offer. But when I start to break down the big picture into all the individual little tasks that I need to complete, I get so overwhelmed and take a step back from the planning. I am not a stranger to entrepreneurship. I sell Shaklee products, and I make and sell alphabet photography as well, but I do both of these very part time, and I really enjoy doing both. Neither of those ventures required much to get started though, at least not the involvement that Behrends Errands requires. I know I am just dragging my feet because I am scared and overwhelmed about all there is to do, and the possibility of a failing business, especially with a large family. I do realize that the reward of starting a business can also be amazing. I guess I need to take the words of my favorite quote from Martin Luther King Jr.and "Take the first step in faith. You don't have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step."

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Back To School

Its hard to believe the girls went back to school yesterday. While summer went way too fast, and we didn't get to everything on our summer bucket list, I was definitely ready to have the girls out of the house for a little while. At least I thought I was ready to have them gone. It was only day two today, and I already miss having them around, their fighting and all. I love the relaxed days of summer, and with all four girls in softball, we don't get to do much besides that until August. It is hard to pack everything in to three weeks, but we did our best. We made it to a water park, Great America, a couple family camps, and all the girls went off to either mini camp (3 nights) or week long camp.

We also made the crazy decision to rearrange all the bedrooms on Monday, with school starting Wednesday. While the girls are (mostly) excited about their new rooms, it took the last few days of summer to get the big stuff moved around. Now I get the fun task of organizing all the small stuff while they are in school.

I am trying to keep busy with volunteering at the schools and getting ready for a clothing sale, but I really miss all the chaos of having them home with me all day. I just need a few days to adjust, and I am sure I will get so busy with volunteering and running errands that I won't have much time to miss them, but for now, I am wishing summer was here for a few more weeks.

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